2021 Voyage

Where the heck are they now?

Here’s an abbreviated ship’s log for Shirley’s Mom and anyone else keen to keep track of our whereabouts on our truncated 2021 voyage.

November 4 – North Bay – Home for the winter, and hopefully we’ll give it a try next year.

Dorval – Haul-out at Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club

Lac St. Louis – Rough overnight anchor mid-lake just west of canal after we ran aground, and freed ourselves, from a shoal. Nasty ending.

October 15 – Montreal



Quebec City


North Bay – Quick road-trip home in rental car to be present for the Amazon Prime TV series filming happening on our property. Bizarre, but fun.


Tadoussac – Gorgeous anchorage just up the Saguenay fjord, with buddy-boat Lisa & Guy on Inti.

Iles aux Coudres

Quebec City –




August: Kingston – Early August launch at Collins Bay Marina. An error in strap placement for a “quick” haulout to check Ariose’s prop, lead to a heart-stopping slip. Ariose dropped a couple feet, and her rudder took a hit. So our voyage started with living aboard Ariose, on the hard in the marina parking lot and extreme temps, while sourcing a new rudder. As the month ended, we launched again, and headed for the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Currently: Collins Bay Marina, Kingston, Ontario

44deg 14.4′ N 76deg 36.2’W

July 28, 2021: North Bay to Kingston, Ontario

2 thoughts on “2021 Voyage”

  1. How lovely to hear from you, Bill and Chris, and to know that you are enjoying land “sailing” these days. We still feel your spirit in Ariose (formerly Barasway) and appreciate how well you cared for her.

  2. Just received your email address so had to write and wish you all the best in your next adventures haven’t had chance to read all your blogs yet but will do so in the coming days.
    We were only thinking about you a few days ago as we were up on Lake Temiskaming last summer just passing through with our trailer heading to Edmonton we thought it was a beautiful place there along the bay. Lots and walking and biking.
    Our best wishes for the new year. Bill and Chris Buckland (Barasway)

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