Ariose Notes

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A solo cruising adventure with an Autist! 


A Note from the Author

Welcome to the Ariosenotes blog/channel! I say blog because, well… know, and channel because I’m hoping there will be a significant melding of youtube links to short videos. So, not straight blog, not straight vlog! I’m not sure at this point how this will work but, I’m going to give it a try and reconfigure as needed to make it work. From Aug. 2023 on, Ariose is a solo adventure. Previous to this, there are lots of wonderful posts of sailing as a couple with Shirley that I hope you’ll find interesting!

So Enjoy! – Tim

I’m a solo sailing Autistic adult who is exploring this fantastic world on a beautiful 1969 Alberg 30. Come and share it with me for musings about sailing solo and what it’s like to do it on the Spectrum.