IMG_5306We began to post pages in this PROJECTS section of our blog when we first launched ArioseNotes, but didn’t get around to fully writing them up as we hoped to then. So for now, we’re considering these pages somewhere between “under construction” & “on hold”.  During the months before departure, we were consumed by working on Ariose – writing about the work wasn’t a priority. We thought that once we were underway, we’d have lots of down time to tackle the writing. We were wrong!

For the projects that we did start documenting, we’re including descriptions of what we’re undertaking, with a focus on those projects that made Ariose better suited for our cruising. We also include a more detailed look at some key decisions and purchases.

We’ll include how & why we have done things,  and as we give experience time to be our teacher, we hope to update these pages, sharing what we’re glad we did and what we wished we hadn’t.

This section may be better titled: Where did all our money & time go!

Here’s some of the work we’ve done on Ariose. Those with links have some details; those without links are to come :

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I’m a solo sailing Autistic adult who is exploring this fantastic world on a beautiful 1969 Alberg 30. Come and share it with me for musings about sailing solo and what it’s like to do it on the Spectrum.