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Hanging out along Kingston’s waterfront.

No, “on-the-hard” isn’t another reiteration of our grounding. We have almost gotten over that. It’s a nautical term to refer to boats out-of-water, and although Ariose WAS on the hard limestone for those few hours of pounding, she was still technically in the water, therefore not on-the-hard. Oops, I promised not to go there again – we covered that incident in more than enough detail in the Launching & Grounding posts. This Ariose Note holds no drama, no suspense, no cliff-hangers. Continue reading On-the-hard

Launching & Grounding part 1


We’ll start this Ariose Note with this image from a peaceful early evening at anchor off Main Duck Island, in the middle of eastern Lake Ontario. Our serene mood on our first night out on this long-planned for adventure was mirrored by the calm waters. We felt grateful for all the support that we had, and for our life circumstances that allowed us this opportunity. We were buoyed by quiet confidence that had grown with each accomplishment over these last months and in the more recent days. Had we known what we would be facing a mere 12 hours later, that mood would have been shattered. Continue reading Launching & Grounding part 1