2014: Ariose on-the-hard

In the spring of 2014, Ariose became ours. How exciting! We’ll share how we discovered the Alberg 30 and came to call this lovely Alberg 30 ours in upcoming blog posts.

At the time, sailing dreams were just someday dreams. We had no intention of purchasing a boat yet, we were just “kicking the keel” of a few options (is that the boating equivalent of a prospective auto purchaser “kicking the tires”?). The pull we felt toward this boat was just too strong, though. We made Ariose ours. We had already taken on commitments that would keep us busy over the summer, so we reluctantly kept Ariose on her trailer for the season. She wouldn’t touch water this year.  It was a year on-the-hard for Ariose and a year hard-on-us!

It was still a special season, ripe with the anticipation of sailing adventures to come. Scroll down for our slideshow documenting our season with Ariose.




I’m a solo sailing Autistic adult who is exploring this fantastic world on a beautiful 1969 Alberg 30. Come and share it with me for musings about sailing solo and what it’s like to do it on the Spectrum.