We’re fine…

… and very, very grateful. We’ve just woken on the day after Hurricane Fiona’s hit. This has been our first full-night’s sleep in a week. We’ re fine, and Ariose is fine. Many others here on les Iles de la Madeleine (Magdalen Islands) and throughout Atlantic Canada have not been so fortunate.

Friday night, Fiona howled, the hotel creaked and groaned, and we tried, unsuccessfully, to rest. Tim and I spent a very long Saturday between the common room, catching the coverage with others sheltered here, and watching the live show from our room.

CBC had set a camera just outside our balcony, capturing the scene we were watching. It’s one of the images being shown over and over again on the news. And this is the sea’s fury on the sheltered side of the islands.

Image copied from CBC news feed.

When the waves grew even higher, it appeared as though this massive breakwall , this gargantuan barrier that we were relying on for Ariose’s protection, had broken open. With forces capable of that destruction, we began to process the sickening reality that we quite likely had lost our boat, the boat we have put so much of our hearts and hands (and money!) into.

Not too long after, a message was relayed to us from the marina: “your boat is like a seagull in shelter”. Relief. And a few tears.

By afternoon, winds were reported to have dropped to 80-90 km/hr with gusts to 120-130. When we popped our heads out to see for ourselves, they seemed less strong here at Cap-Aux-Meules. We suited up in our foulies, and with Fiona’s helpful push at our backs, hiked down to the marina at a blustery pace. (The hike back was not so easy!!) It was a pleasant shock to see only a few signs of damage along the way. Other areas on the island have not emerged so unscathed.

Some structures at Cap-aux-Meules harbour were rearranged by Fiona.

Sure enough, Ariose was sitting calmly, and perhaps even content with the vigorous fresh water power-wash she had received.

Last night we slept. Finally. We awoke to sunny blue skies, making the last few days feel like nothing more than a bad dream.

Fiona has forced a reality check. Even had we not placed ourselves near the eye of a hurricane, this has been a challenging couple weeks for Tim and me on our adventures on Ariose,. We will now take some time to re-evaluate and plan what’s next.

In the meantime, thank you for your concerns and kind thoughts and wishes.

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  1. Happy to know you are both safe. Your experiences leading up to and with Hurricane Fiona is truly harrowing to read. Hoping better winds and sea conditions for you.

    1. Thanks, Phil. Appreciate your good wishes. Hope to hear from you in the spring that you’ve launched your A30 … and do be sure to have a good stash of Gravol on board!

  2. I was so very happy to see this post this morning. An amazing addition to your tales of adventure. Thinking today of all those close to you who weren’t so lucky and I know you will be a comfort to them until you continue your journey, wherever that may be.

  3. Now that all is well I might be forgiven for this….
    I’m so jealous of your story. Your retracing our steps and making our summer seem “regular”. We can’t compete with this!

    You two are wonderful and courageous people. You have shown over and over that optimism and persistence produces results. They might not be the ones you expected but they are memorable and worthy of a book.
    You have our best wishes and we our great full for the detailed story telling. The recounting of your trip is unbelievably real and is felt so profoundly.
    Take your time with your decisions and don’t worry too much. The way you guys are living is one continuous adventure regardless of what you are doing so it will turn out no matter what!!!
    Can’t wait to hear more!

    1. Guy – We woke to your very thoughtful message this morning, and are so moved. ❤️ You and Lisa have been with us in spirit. And as far as “competition”, you know all you need to do is challenge us to a race – we have no doubt that nimble Inti and her skilled crew will leave laden Ariose in her wake. Tim & Shirley

    2. Guy….thank you for your kind words, but, you should know….that we might be more interested the “regular” that you speak of. There is a lot to be said for not creating unwarranted drama!
      The fact that you and Lisa followed this same path without all the trauma of dealing with a hurricane makes Shirley and I fans of your story. We pine for that kind of regular; the kind that has us wishing that we could just enjoy the trip instead of worrying about our lives and the fate of a boat and a dream that we’ve poured so much of our lives into. Rest assured that there is some serious soul searching and event processing going on. Stay tuned!

  4. Thank you for posting this message!!! We were very concerned and are relieved that all is well … for now!

    1. Thanks Claudia! Yes, ……….for now! These things happen even with the best planning intentions and forthought. We were a tad bit lucky and recognize that no matter how much we plan, there is still elevated risk being out here. I’m not an adrenelin junky, but, I do feel more alive doing and seeing things! Nice to have you along from our old stomping grounds!

  5. I thought of you often yesterday, especially during the CBC coverage from the Magdelans. In Holyrood, Newfoundland, we also fretted about our boat, but in the end we were not hard hit. So glad you and Ariose are safe and in the company of a supportive community.

  6. Thinking of your safety over the past days and I am relieved as a friend of Julie’s to know you three are all safe and in good shape!!!!

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