Oops! Ignore that notification.

No, not a virus of the computer sort – that other virus has brought more than enough to deal with! It’s just us scraping rust off our limited techie neurons as we try to bring our long dormant blog, Ariose Notes, back to life. Thought we knew how how to turn off the “notify subscribers”, but clearly, don’t! So please accept our apologies and ignore the email you may have received yesterday, but do stay tuned. We look forward to launching – both the blog and new sailing adventures – later this year. In the meantime, you’ll be greeted by this this “offline” message if you visit www.ArioseNotes.com

Hope that the havoc covid has wreaked on the world this past year has not been too harsh on you and your loved ones. All’s well with us. We’re staying fireside, safe & sound, and looking forward to re-connecting in the coming months.

Shirley & Tim

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