One of us more comfortable with heights…
... than is the other.

Where the heck are they now? We’ve settled into Riverview Marina  at the junction of Catskill Creek and the Hudson River to work on our mast and rigging for a few days. Until now, we needed to have our mast down due to the low bridges throughout the New York Canals. Now we can convert from a motorboat and set up for sailing. We’re preparing a slideshow of our transit of the Canals – quite a unique experience!  We expect to be posting that in the next week. In the meantime, we’d like to introduce a new page on our blog call “Whereabouts”.  It’s an abbreviated ship’s log for Shirley’s Mom and all others who may be keen to keep track of our route. You can get to it from the top menu bar of our Ariose Notes homepage.

6 thoughts on “Whereabouts”

  1. SHIRLEY & TIM — WOW! What an adventure! I had been thinking of you guys in the last couple of days, wondering why they’re had not been any posts to your blog! When the e-mail came in from Ariose, I was quick to leave what I was doing to read your blog! Happy to read that all is well, except for a few adrenaline rushes! 🙂 Thumbs Up for the ditch! Just like any road you travel on, there is boring sections and some beautiful sections, and some breathtaking sections! Being in nature is always peaceful anyway! Of course unless there is current and bridges ahead! The blue skies, sure makes things look more beautiful! Kudos to both of you for taking on such an adventure. Enjoy keeping up with you guys and thanks for taking us along on your journey! Happy & Safe Sailing!

    1. As we’ve said to others, don’t be concerned if the blogs aren’t regular. Being out of deadline routine is part of the appeal of cruising. And lately, when the urge to post has hit, it seems that we are in a place without internet.
      Well said explanation for why you’re thumbs up for the Ditch … all roads in life bring diversity, and that’s just part of what enriches the experience.
      Talking about roads – how many weeks before you can get your bike back on the road? You may be interested to check out a new blog that a friend of ours has started. http://www.adventurerideguide.com (sorry, can’t figure out how to insert a link in comments … where’s Fred when I need him?)

  2. Your journey through the canals must have been a memorable adventure. Looking forward to the slideshow! The new blog is a great idea too. 🙂

    1. Yes, the canals are fascinating. We’re in such a race against winter, though, we don’t have much savouring time. Looking forward to being warm and without calendar pressures so that we can better appreciate the areas we’re passing through.

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