Take 2

With the help of some incredibly generous and talented folks, we made it! Ariose is as good as new and we’re on our way. We just completed our first full day on the New York State Canals, after successfully crossing Lake Ontario yesterday without incident. Well, there was one small incident.

It was a sea ritual of sorts where one makes an offering of one’s stomach contents to Neptune. That was nothing, though, compared to Take One, our first attempted crossing,  2 weeks ago. THAT was far more nauseating.

Into the NY Canal System 3 days before it closes for the season.

So we’ve made it into the canals, a mere 3 days before closure. The lock operators tell us we’re expected to be the last recreational boat through – how’s that for a place of honour! They’ve reassured us that we will not spend the winter mid-lock, they will allow us to continue beyond the November 20th official closing.

IMG_8206We have yet to figure out our internet access while cruising without blowing our budget, though, so will keep this Ariose Note really short. Some folks who have been following us will wonder if some Trump-esque policy has already been initiated, and we’ve been deported from the US with some strangers having now taken over Ariose Notes since brevity is so out of character for us. Nope. It’s us. Nothing like tight finances to force succinctness!

We’ll get out a longer post next time we hit a café with access, but in the meantime, just wanted to share the good news. More to come soon.

Craning in again for take 2!
We've got the docks to ourselves.
Oswego, NY. Last recreational boat in the canal means we’ve got the locks & docks to ourselves.

13 thoughts on “Take 2”

    1. Thanks Nicole. Really looking forward to having some time to go through all your Facebook posts and enjoy your recent adventure vicariously. If you happen to have brought home any South Asian heat with you – perhaps you could send it our way. 😉

  1. So excited and happy to read this update and now looking forward to many more! You had us all on tender-hooks (whatever that is) for a while. Have a blast!

    1. We’re hoping the next several posts Do you not have any of us hanging on – enough of that excitement for a while!

  2. You can compose your post offline and just get on the net to post it can’t you?
    You guys are really cutting close, but very inspiring! I guess you will be taking the ICH, down – too risky to be out in open water this late in the year.

    1. Cutting it close for sure!
      Yes, we’re doing as much as we can off-line. The problem is we’re having glitches with uploading photos and It can take an incredible amount of time to get them on the post, and as you may have noticed, they still keep doing the flip trick in the mobile device version.
      Appreciate your expertise about the ICW versus Atlantic. We’re still hoping – weather permitting – to try some short overnight hops outside the ICW. At this point though we’re just kind of looking ahead one lock at a time and will decide once we get there. Nice hearing from you!

    1. Yes, lovely! We’re being “treated” to some winter wonderland scenes today as we motor along the canal … Brrrr! Your xo’s feel particularly warm.

    1. Wow, Kevan! Your comment gets the “speed of lightening” award. Yes, good crossing, good weather… all’s well.

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