A quick chronology

Proud new owners.

2014. After a couple years of planting seeds of the “wouldn’t it be fun to sail” variety  while Tim and I got to know one another, we bought Ariose.  We acquired her far more quickly than expected, and since plans were already set for the season, we brought her to her new home, and settled her in on-the-hard. Check out these 3 posts if you’d like to read more about Aquiring Ariose: the discoverykicking keels; she’s ours.


The 2015 season was an exciting one for us. After a long year with Ariose being teased by a view of Lake Temiskaming beyond the fields where she sat, we finally craned her in and docked her at the Haileybury marina.

Haileybury marina.

We spent every moment we could on her – a total of 30 days & nights of moments!   Usually we would  meet Friday evenings for dinner aboard while we reconnected after our separate work weeks.  We would then enjoy 2 days of exploring the lake and anchoring out.  Sunday evenings inevitably arrived too quickly and we would reluctantly drag ourselves off the boat and back to real life.

We packed in a lot of new sailing experiences, familiarized ourselves with Ariose’s quirks and learned about many of our own.


If the boom sits here, and the solar panels, there… how many times a day will we hit our heads?


2016′s summer season was another on-the-hard for Ariose, but this time, she got plenty of attention as we readied her for ocean cruising.  We have lots of posts detailing that year, leading up to October, and splashing her in Lake Ontario.





October 2016 – July 2017. Our maiden voyage, sailing from Kingston Ontario, through the New York Canals, along the US east coast IntraCoastal Waterway, across the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas, and back. Lots of adventure. Lots of posts.


2017-2021. Back to real life, working to build the cruising kitty and waiting for covid19 to tire of wreaking havoc on the world. Ariose waited patiently in her boat shed on our property. 

I’m a solo sailing Autistic adult who is exploring this fantastic world on a beautiful 1969 Alberg 30. Come and share it with me for musings about sailing solo and what it’s like to do it on the Spectrum.