Mid-Winter Musings

IMG_8541It’s been 6 months since we returned from our adventure, and land life is well underway. How are we doing? Hmm. Generally just fine. At times, though, it is like we’ve secured our docklines a little too loosely, but haven’t noticed until we are stepping ashore. One foot on the dock and one remaining on Ariose’s deck with legs in an ever-widening stretch … READ MORE


Post Script from Home

DSC_0876This roadside photo taken yesterday along the edge of our property, shows that autumn’s on full display. This time last year, we were down to our final 10 days of pre-departure preparation. The forest around us was broadcasting its brilliant palette, but we only noted it in passing. Our attention was fully fixed on the tasks at hand. We weren’t sure that we would be able to finish up the essential boat work on time. The final date for craning Ariose into Lake Ontario and launching our adventure loomed, and we were giving it our all. In a frenzied rush to the finish line, we made it.READ MORE


Hudson to home

IMG_6952We’ve grounded. Not a rudder-shattering grounding like our first night out last November. That one threatened to also shatter dreams of our sailing adventure. And not one of our many soft-bottom ICW and Bahamian groundings that caused us to frantically set to work to free Ariose, and if not successful, to resign ourselves to wait for the tide to do the work for us. Those ones caused no harm. Not even our unfortunately apt, emotionally explosive book-end to our adventure grounding on the last day of our journey. The painfully familiar sound and feel of keel on rock mid-Lake Ontario… but I’m getting ahead of myself on that one. Yes we’ve grounded, and it’s a momentous one, but this time, READ MORE


View 2 of the ICW (cont’d)


This Ariose Note picks up where we left off last post, sharing some of the highlights of our northward journey on the IntraCoastal Waterway. We’ve seen the ICW through new eyes as we head homeward. We were saying that there had been only a couple of  minor “incidents” marking our month on this leg, but also one rather frightening event, and that’s where we left off.READ MORE