April 2017

Exumas? Exemplary!

DSC_0237Our last Ariose Note left off with a photo teaser. Let’s end that suspense right now. That distinctive foot? If you guessed it belongs to an endangered Bahamian Rock Iguana, you’re correct! For those who guessed it was a public health warning about the dangers of UV exposure, you were close. Admittedly, with all the wind / sun / salt of the last few months, our skin is beginning to look quite lizard-like. Being able to commune with these amazing reptiles – the iguanas, not each other, I mean – has been one of many exemplary experiences for us as we explore the Exumas. You could even say, for the most part, that we’re exhalting in the Exumas. THIS is what we dreamed of! So rather than tell what we’ve been up to lately, in this Ariose Note, we’ll let our camera do the showing.

Help yourself to your favourite cold beverage, settle into a comfy hammock or closest approximation thereof, click on the 1st image to enlarge it and then the arrows to scroll through the Bahamas’ Exuma Cays with us. Enjoy!



What happens in Nassau…

IMG_3504In this Ariose Note, Tim and I arrive in Nassau, the Bahamas’ capital, which felt like we were a world apart from the country we’ve been cruising over the last few months. Before getting into that, though, I’m going to back track to where our last post left off having made the passage from the Abacos to Eleuthra, where we waited for suitable weather to make the crossing to Nassau. That post was bound by a strict “no drama here” guarantee so we wrapped it up just prior to where our hearts began to pump a little faster …READ MORE